When you accept payments from your clients and record these against sales you make, Better Bookings automatically creates a nice looking PDF for you to email or print for your client. 

Let's set up your invoice:

  1. Go to Settings > Locations > Select Location

  2. On the right, select 'Invoice Details' button for the Invoice/Location you want to Edit.

  3. As you fill out the Location Setting details on left, you’ll notice that it will populate across to the right side of 'Invoice Settings' (you can edit any of these details we just copy them across for you to make it easier). 

  4. Confirm the 'Invoice Settings' section, these details will appear on your invoice. 

  5. Use the tick box to the right select the fields you would like to include on your invoice. 

  6. Add an Invoice Prefix if you want one. Better Bookings will start your invoice numbers at 00001 and count up 1 by 1 for every new invoice you create. You can add a prefix to this number like INV0001 or PHY0001. The invoice Prefix allows you to add letters to the beginning of the invoice number. This allows you to easily distinguish between invoices generated for each location or business.

  7. Select the Invoice paper size (A4 or A5) 

  8. Add Invoice Description. This might be payment terms, a thank you message, or a business motivation quote!

  9. Add your Logo (bit more on adding logo below)

  10. You can Preview Invoice (optional)

  11. Save

 Add a logo to your invoice

  1. Click the Add Logo button. If you have previously added a logo for another location, then this will be displayed here. If you wish to use that image as your logo simply click on it then then click on the Select Image button. It will now appear in your invoice. 

  2. If you have not uploaded an image previously, find your logo from your desktop by hitting the Browse button, once selected click the Upload and crop button. You do not need to format your logo before uploading as this is done using our cropper tool. You can upload, JPG’s and Gif’s.

  3. When the cropper tool is launched, drag the corners of the tool to increase and decrease the size of the area you wish to crop. You will see that the viewable area is show on the right. Clicking and holding in the centre of the tool will allow you to drag the tool around to get the best position. 

  4. When you are happy, hit Crop Image.

  5. The image will then be added to the gallery. 

  6. Select the image you uploaded and click the Select Image button.

  7. Your finished and your logo is now added to your invoice. 

  8. You can Preview Invoice (optional)

  9. Save

Set an Invoice Title
Most customers will want to set their Invoice title at the top of the PDF as 'Tax Invoice'. This is the default label for invoices. But if you wanted to change this you can using the 'Invoice Title' dropdown on the right of the page under 'Business Location'. You can select between 'Tax Invoice', 'Invoice' and 'Receipt'.

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