Better Bookings allows you to control what information each of your team member has access to and what they can do and adding users to Better Bookings is easy.

Add a Team Member

  1. Go here 

  2. Or go to Settings > Team Members > Add Team Member

  3. Add details of your Team Member. Enter their First Name, Last Name and Email (note that the email must be unique and this email address will be the email that your team member is required to enter as their Better bookings username when they sign in).

  4. Assign the appropriate access level depending on their role in your business. Use the user level scenarios to better understand what Access Level to assign. 

  5. Save

  6. The Team Member is added and an email has been sent to them with their login details.

Extra Details on Adding a Team Member
If you don't want your team member to have access to their own sub-account, select the Access Level 'No Online Access'. This level of access won't allow the team member to login at all.

Depending on the type of team member access you select, you may be asked to also choose which Location/s this team member has access to. Also, you may be asked what Business they have access to (as Better Bookings allows you to set up team members to access one location or many, one business or many - it's all up to you).

If they are a receptionist for example, they may not need their own calendar and only need access to your other therapists calendars so in this case you would click 'Calendar not required'.

Enter the team member's Mobile, Qualifications and Work Cover number (if applicable).

If you are required to have Team Member ID's or Registration Numbers on your invoices you can also enter the Team Member ID details for your team member here. To enter a Team Member ID, enter the Team Member ID (Name) and Team Member ID (Number). You can add more than one per user if required.

This team member will be sent an email with their account information and a temporary system generated password. When your team member signs in they will be prompted to create a new password (the exception here is if you have added your team member as 'No Online Access' level.

The team member will now appear in the Schedule and will be able to begin taking appointments.

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