Sometimes you'll need or want to invoice a 3rd party for a client appointment, set of appointments or merchandise you've sold. e.g. an insurance company for workers compensation claims & services. 

You can do this with Better Bookings. 

When you're ready to invoice for the services & merchandise rendered and  the client has unpaid sales follow these steps:

  1. Find the sale you want to create the invoice for.

  2. Click Take Payment

  3. Complete the details to be included on the invoice

  4. Bottom right, 'Additional Options', select 'Bill To Details'

  5. 'Update Billing Details' popup will display

  6. Select the party you want to invoice, confirm the details are correct

  7. 'Update Billing Contact'

  8. Complete the invoice creation steps. The details as selected on the 'Update Billing Details' screen will appear on the invoice, along with the client details so the 3rd party know who the services and merchandise was provided to.

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