There are a few ways to add your clients:

  1. Add your clients here

  2. Or go to Clients > Add Clients button. Add your client details & Save. 

  3. Clicking on the global "+" button in the bottom right hand corner of Better Bookings from any screen > New Client

  4. Import your clients. Go to the Import Clients screen here or go to Clients > Import Clients. Learn more about Importing Clients

You can have all of your client details stored under each client record, you can even have quick access to your client sales, invoices, appointments, notes and SMS/emailing functions.

Client Status - Active or Archived
Your client list tabs are categorised into Active, All (both Active and Archived) and Archived.

On the right-hand side Better Bookings automatically categorises your clients based on their sales history. E.g. If you haven't made a sale to a client in more than 6months then a Client Tag will be added "6mth". Simply click this link to view and message all clients that you've not seen for 6mths.

Customise your client database and the fields you have to store client details using Better Bookings Custom Fields. Learn more about Client Fields >

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