When you add any appointment to your calendar you have an option to also set an appointment reminder to be sent automatically to your clients. 

Set up Appointment Auto Reminders:

  1. Click here

  2. Or go to Settings > Messaging > Auto Reminder

  3. To enable a default reminder to already be turned on by default when adding a new appointment click 'Enable' and 'Save'. 

  4. Select your default reminder options. Select the 'Template', 

  5. Select 'Type' (SMS or Email). Appointment reminders can be either an email or SMS. Emails are delivered to the client's email address you have on file. SMS are send to the mobile number you have on file for that client. 

  6. Select 'Time Prior' to sending (based on your appointment time), OR the 'Time of Day'. 

  7. Time Prior - usually customers like to send their clients a reminder 24 hours in advance which gives your client plenty of time to reschedule if necessary. e.g. If your client's appointment is 9am on Tuesday, they will get their reminder 9am Monday.

  8. Time of Day - if you select this setting, then the reminder will go out at that time of the day. 

  9. Once you have selected your reminder preferences, click 'Save'. 

The next time you add an appointment to your calendar you will see that Reminders have been switched on and your settings have been included. You can modify these for each appointment and save the changes from the appointment screen. You can also switch them off for clients that don't need them or clients you don't have to have them sent to. 

Automatic appointment reminders are a nice customer touchpoint and it will help reduce your no-shows and pump up your customer service. 

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