You can have both client & personal appointments in your Better Bookings calendars.

This post is about Client Appointments. Learn more about Personal Appointments.

Better Bookings supports one-off, recurring, single client or groups appointments. 

Adding these appointment types are all done from the appointment pop screen.  

Add an appointment 

First, you you need to launch the New Appointment popup,

This can be done 3 ways:

  1. Head to the Calendar, click on the time of date (week/month view) or time (today/day view) that you would like to make the appointment. 

  2. Click on + toggle on the bottom right hand corner of Better Bookings , select 'New Appointment' (this button has been placed here so you can always get to it quickly from anywhere!)

  3. Client details screen - if viewing a particular client's details, you can launch the new appointment pop up from 'Create Appointment'

Once the appointment pop up has been launched, complete the details on the form, 'Save' appointment and you're done! (See Definitions below for further details).

Add reoccurring appointments

Better Bookings allows you to book recurring appointments for your regular client(s).

  1. Once you click on the appointment time, the New Appointment pop will launch

  2. Select Team Member (optional) > Type (of appointment – in this case client), Product, Recurrence frequency and Client.

Editing Appointments

Go to the Calendar

Edit or reschedule appointments by clicking on the appointment and updating the details (Team member, date, time, product).

Or, you can drag the existing appointment to the new date and time, click. You will be asked to confirm the change of appointment time.

To edit or re-schedule an appointment

  1. Click on appointment in the calendar you would like to edit

  2. The Appointment Summary pop up with display

  3. Click on Edit, edit the details of the appointment

  4. Save 

TIP: When editing reoccurring appointments, you can select to either Edit Single Appointment Only or Edit All Reoccurring Appointments.

Definitions (a bit more on the details)

"Team Member" Select the team member you are booking. Simply select the staff member who will be covering this appointment.

"Type" Select between "Personal" or "Client" Appointments. You can block out times for personal breaks or meetings easily.

"Product" Better Bookings links your appointments to your products to create some pretty neat reporting and automation. When you add an appointment type product to "Products" it will be available here for you to choose. It will then auto-populate the duration and price for you, and enable you to track product popularity, revenue and other insightful pieces of information. You can also select Appointment Packages here too.

"Colour" Use booking colours to differentiate between practitioners or types of bookings, it's up to you.  When setting up team members you can choose a default colour for the calendar.

"Date" Use the date picker or manually enter the date in the date field.

"Time" Use the "Hour", "Minute" & "AM/PM" dropdown to select the appointment time.

"Recurrence" You can create multiple recurring bookings at the same time. If one appointment, the have Recurrence Off, if you want to set more than one appointment select how regularly you want the recurrence to  happen, either daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

"Description" This is not a mandatory field but is handy if you have notes that you want to add to the booking, want to record the practitioner, or any number of comments.

"Send Reminder" We've built in automated reminders. You need to set up your reminder templates in "Settings > Messaging > Templates". These message templates allow you to customise automated messages (Email and SMS) to your clients at a pre-determined time. To set auto-reminders choose your template (e.g. Friendly Client Reminder), select time before that you would like to message to go out to your client and then finally select the type of reminder method (SMS or Email). The reminder will be sent automatically, you don't need to do anything further as Better Bookings will look after this for you. You can set up default reminder options in Settings > Messaging > Auto Reminders and scroll down to the Default Reminder Settings pod. If you set this then every time you make a booking these reminder setting will automatically be set.

"Client" Simply browse and select the client for the appointment, once selected the client will appear in the green box below. Add as many clients as you wish for this booking. All selected clients will appear in the box below. You can remove clients from the booking by clicking on the red cross.

If you have selected a Package Appointment in the Product selection, then the remaining number of sessions a client has left for this package shows in blue brackets in the client list. When you add this client to the appointment (And they appear in the green box below) the sessions number will reduce by 1. If however you delete the client from the green box, the number of sessions left for this client will increase by one.

Once a client has used up all their sessions for a package, adding the client again, will create a new sale for another series of sessions and the countdown will continue again.

"Status" This allows you to track your appointment status. If you are yet to confirm your client appointment (set as "Pending Confirmation", if confirmed (set as "Confirmed") and then when you have Completed your appointment you need to update the appointment status to "Completed". This will update all reporting in Better Bookings.

You can then Save your appointment and it will now appear in your calendar or click Save & Pay and this will take the user through to the Record Payment screen.

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