There are 3 product types that you can set up in Better Bookings.

  1. Appointments (single appointment)

  2. Appointment Packs (set of appointments)

  3. Merchandise (like water or a yoga mat)

Adding products allows you to record sales of each appointment or Merchandise.

You need to add products as Better Bookings uses them to link to your client sales, appointments, reports - and of course it's what you sell.

You need to add Appointment type products so you can choose these at the time of making a new booking. On the new booking screen you will need to choose a product from the Product dropdown. This then links this particular product or package to this appointment, automatically filling in the duration and cost of the appointment (we try and automate as much as we can to avoid double data entry).

You need to add Merchandise type products as you sell tangible goods also, like Salon/Barber stock (shampoo, conditioner), Handyman (spare parts), or anything your particular business sells. Better Bookings allows you to sell and record payments, create customised invoices for all sorts of goods.

How to Add Products

Add a Product here.

You can add your list of products by going to Settings > Products > Add Product.

Simply add the Product Title, Type (Appointment, Appointment Pack or Merchandise), cost, category, whether tax is applicable and add a description if you like. Save the new product.

For an Appointment (single appointment)
If adding an Appointment product enter the Product Title, Type (Appointment), Appointment Duration (minutes), Cost, Inclusive/Exclusive or no Tax,  and Tax Amount and Product Description. Click Save.

For an Appointment Package (set of appointments)
If adding an Appointment Package enter the Product Title, Type (Appointment Package), Appointment Duration (minutes), Number of appointments in the pack, Package Cost, Inclusive/Exclusive or no Tax,  and Tax Amount. Click Save.

For a Merchandise Product (usually physical products like stock or physical items you sell)
If adding Merchandise enter Product Title, Description, Type (Goods), Price, Inclusive/Exclusive or no Tax,  and Tax Amount. Click Save.

How to Edit Products

You can edit any products by clicking on the product you want to edit, modify and Save.

Once Added -

  • You can see all your products added anytime by going to Settings > Products

  • You can edit your products at any time by clicking on the product you would like to edit

  • After you edit a product, any past sales will not change, but future sales of that product will. i.e. for future price increases sales will be at the new price

  • You can delete products in your products list. Any past sales will not be affected.

  • You can see how many of each product you have sold.

  • Once you have added a product you can edit them to adjust any of the settings. You might update the name of the product you sell or you've come around to increasing your prices. You can do that at any stage. 

How does Better Bookings handle sales of goods and appointments? What's the difference?

  • Better Bookings manages the sales process differently for appointments and goods.

  • Appointments (single and packs) need to be added to the calendar, once added as a appointment an unpaid sale of this appointment product is added to your list of sales.

  • Merchandise can be added as a sale at the time of paying for an appointment, or by licking on the Add Product Sale button - either in the header or on the sales screen.

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